Brief: Define the new chapter for Virgin Atlantic by designing new packaging concept for their British afternoon tea, changing up their iconic pink Mile High Tea box. The client wanted to see a new design for the exterior and interior, but also a story.
Response: Worked in a team to create Dream Box. Our concept was based on the insight that many passengers face anxiety and discomfort during their flight, so we wanted to have a calming, relaxational effect with the design of our box. I worked on the typography, interior and then printing it.

Current Virgin Atlantic Mile High Tea Design

Getting design ready to print
Tray Liner
The concept behind this packaging is to relax passengers during their flight, easing their anxieties, soothing all the senses. For our Dream Box we mainly focused on creating optical illusive patterns and colours for the packaging designed to relax passengers, and then we added an AR menu that offers numerous other ways for passengers to relax just from their phone.
If you wish to check out more behind the scenes about this project, you can do so in my blog:
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